Why Mexico over the wall?

I decided to start this podcast after certain recent events have raised the level of prejudice against Mexico to unprecedented levels. As husband to a Mexican wife and father to a Mexican daughter, I believe I have a duty to do something about that.

Mexico does have its problems, but it shouldn’t just be a scapegoat for another nation’s anguish at losing its place in the world. I want to share various people’s perspective on the issues Mexico faces and hopefully cut through some of the hype on both sides of the wall.

As a British citizen living in Mexico, I’ve also been asked a lot about Brexit, so I’m hoping to get the opinions of Mexicans living in the UK as well. Right now, both my country of choice and country of birth are facing uncertain futures. Nobody knows how things will turn out, but I think we all need to do our bit for the future we want and not the one which is imposed upon us. This my small contribution to that effort.

Photo Credit: Mitchell Haindfield Flickr via Compfight cc